What we do


Applications Engineering & Technical Support Staff

Flow Control Equipment is dedicated to customer support and helping our clients around the world solve their process control issues. Our experienced technical sales staff offers a wide variety of services such as control valve sizing, troubleshooting, new installation design, etc.

Fisher Process Control Equipment Remanufacturing

Flow Control Equipment is a remanufacturer of Fisher® Control Valves & Instrumentation with emphasis on Fisher® Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuators, Sliding Stem & Rotary Control Valves, Pneumatic & Electronic Instrumentation, and Fisher® Pressure Regulators. Our automated control valve assemblies are used to control production operating conditions such as pressure, flow, temperature, and liquid level by constantly responding to a process signal. Our Applications Engineering include Fisher® Control Valve, Actuator, and Regulator Sizing/Selection, Corrosive/Erosive Service, NACE Compliance, Anti-Cavitation Trim, Noise Abatement Trim, Cryogenics, Troubleshooting, and many more. Flow Control Equipment services the Oil & Gas Industry (upstream, midstream, downstream), Power, Chemical, Carbon Black, Refining, and Pulp & Paper Industries.


We offer several types of remanufactured Fisher regulators such as vapor recovery, tank blanketing, pressure reducing, and back pressure regulators in all different sizes and material combinations.

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