Fisher® HP Series Control Valves

3″ ANSI 1500# Fisher® DVC6200-657-HPT Control Valve with Cavitrol III® 3-Stage Trim

The Fisher HP Series control valves are single-port globe style valves designed for high pressure applications in various types of process control industries. Cavitrol® III and Whisper Trim III trims are available for the HP control valve to help eliminate cavitation damage in liquid service and attenuate noise in gas service. Flow Control Equipment offers series HPT & HPD (balanced valve plug), and HPS (unbalanced valve plug), and the HPA angled body.

  • NPS 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 inch valve sizes
  • ANSI Class 900, 1500, and 2500# flanges
  • Equal Percentage Flow, Modified Equal Percent, and Linear Flow characteristics are offered in the HPT and HPD series
  • The type HPS offers Micro-Form, Micro-Flute, and Equal Percentage flow characteristics.


2″ ANSI 1500# Fisher® DVC6200S-667-HPT Control Valve with Characterized Whisper III Trim.

Flow Control Equipment remanufactured this 2″ 1500# Fisher® DVC6200S-667-HPT Control Valve Assembly for one of our clients who required a reliable, high pressure valve to meet NACE MR0175-2002 standards while reducing noise levels. Includes a SST DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller with SST 67CFSR Supply Regulator and FCE customized noise-abatement trim.