New Fisher Equipment

New Fisher® Process Control Equipment

Flow Control Equipment specializes in the re-manufacturing of Fisher® Control Valves but we also maintain an extensive inventory of new Fisher® process control equipment such as the Fisher D4 control valve, D2 FloPro™, DVC6200 Digital Valve Positioners, 67 series supply regulators, the L2 level controller, among many more.

Fisher® Fieldvue™ DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller
Fisher® Type D2 FloPro™ Control Valve
New Fisher® D4 Control Valves
Fisher® 67CFR Regulator
Fisher® Type L2 Liquid Level Controller

Ask About Our New Surplus Inventory

Need a quick delivery? No problem. We have a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse filled with New Surplus Fisher® Control Valve Assemblies that are still on the factory crating accompanied with factory MTR’s and other documentation. These valves are new and have never been in service and we are offering them at a re-manufactured price. Please contact us today for a full inquiry of all the different types and sizes of new surplus Fisher equipment we can provide.