Fisher® Whisper® and Noise-Abatement Trim

Noise-Abatement Cages

Flow Control Equipment stocks new surplus and remanufactured Fisher® Whisper III and Whisper I Cages and can design and manufacture FCE customized noise-abatement cages to satisfy your specific application. Noise-Abatement trim can reduce the aerodynamic noise in vapor, gas, or steam applications when used in conjunction with properly sized control valves. Whisper Trim not only attenuates noise levels but also reduces vibration in your process equipment, extending valve and equipment life and allows for a more accurate process control. Please see our ‘Noise-Abatement Trim’ page for more details or call us at 337-233-2881.

  • Fisher® Whisper I and Whisper III Levels A-D
  • New Flow Control Customized Noise-Abatement Cages
  • Wide Variety of Materials
  • NACE MR0175 Compliant


Control valves with WhisperFlo cages provide excellent noise attenuation for gas applications with high pressure drops. Features a standard Linear flow characteristic and flows up through the seat and out through the cage orifices. The WhisperFlo Cages are offered in levels X, Y, and Z. (Level X shown in pictures). Please contact Flow Control Equipment for more details on our WhisperFlo selection.