Noise Abatement Trim

Give Your Valve The Silent Treatment

Is your control valve giving you noise or vibration issues that is causing damage to your process equipment? Give it The Silent Treatment and contact Flow Control today to help solve these issues and extend valve life with our inventory of FCE customized noise-abatement trim, Fisher® Whisper® III & WhisperFlo™ cages and inline diffusers.


The Fisher® Whisper® cages provide effective attenuation of aerodynamic noise in gas, vapor, or steam applications when used in a properly sized valve. These cages can reduce the noise level of the control application by up to -35 dBA, and when used in conjunction with an inline diffuser, -38 dBA is obtainable. For more information about noise abatement trim, please contact us today and let us work together to come up with the most efficient and economical solution for your control process.

New Fisher® Whisper® III Cage
Remanufactured 6" Fisher® ET Control Valve with WhisperFlo™ Trim
Flow Control Custom Designed Noise Abatement Cages

When sizing a valve for a particular application that requires noise abatement trim, there are times where standard cages cannot provide the proper Cv (flow capacity) range needed. Flow Control Equipment has the ability and expertise to design and build specialty drilled hole pattern noise abatement cages that can effectively control aerodynamic noise while maintaining the Cv range required.

Fisher® Whisper® I Cage
Fisher® Whisper® III Level A1
Fisher® Whisper® III Level B3