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One of Flow Control Equipment’s key attributes is our knowledgeable Technical Sales \ Application Engineering Staff which has vast experience in control valve, actuator, and regulator sizing and selection. We help our customers find the most economical solutions for their applications, while still ensuring long product life. Sure, we offer a quality product, but a quality product may still perform poorly if it is not suited for the service conditions it is subjected to. Please contact our experienced technical sales staff to ensure you are getting the right product for your application.

Do you have a control valve that needs to be sized? Simply click on the button and contact one of our technical sales staff with the information provided in the document.

A new customer sent us a Fisher Type YS control valve for repair from a production platform in the Gulf of Mexico and upon inspection, we found that the valve stem was bent from an improperly sized valve and actuator assembly. Don’t let this happen to your valve! Have Flow Control Equipment size and select the proper valve for your application and you will receive a like new, high quality product that will keep you operating for years to come.